Casemiro: “We are much stronger before the fans at the Bernabeu”


Casemiro: “We are much stronger before the fans at the Bernabeu”

Real Madrid’s Brazilian player, Casemiro has given an interview for Bwin , where he spoke about the second match against Manchester City at the Bernabeu on Wednesday and noted that with the fans together everything is possible.

“The fact that playing at home will help us. We have fans in front of us and certainly will not fail. Manchester City must think Bernabeu is very strong ”

“If you run the best and play well in front of our fans will like it was a match against Wolfsburg. They supported us from the beginning of the match until the end. It will be a very difficult match but the fans will help us a lot. We have an advantage but every Champions League semifinals is difficult. ”

“In our house, we are stronger. Always in attack in the first 20 minutes of the match, although there are still many games to play. We have not played well at Etihad but there is still time in the second leg. We must perform our duties, to play to the death front of our fans at the Bernabeu. ”

“We have to win anyway. It does not matter who scores. Someone has to score to win the team. Always when we play, we have the ambition to win. No matter with which we mark with the head or feet. All I want is to help Real Madrid to reach the final. ”

“We need to play very carefully and strength. They have not only a Sergio Aguero, but many other players of great quality. We must be attentive and focused. To play like in the first game with attitude and character. ”

“Pepe is a great player. He has spent most of his career here and is one of the best central defenders in the world. We rely on him because he is a player that gives us more character and energy in the field. ”

“We think for every match. Now think about the Champions League and we need to focus fully on. We have to do our job to win all the matches that remain even if all others fail. Our duty is to do our job and see then. “

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