Captain wrote a letter to the fans…


Captain wrote a letter to the fans.

Before last week’s match against Udinese, Inter fans have found the benches Meazzes by a booklet with details of the new subscription season. Inter fashioning about a week that started the subscription campaign for the new season that is at the door. Deputy. Inter president, who only a few days ago renewed for ever Inter has written a letter to all Inter fans inviting to subscribe and support the club. Here the captain’s letter:

“I am with inter whenever I entered the San Siro is the same feeling: it feels as if underwent throughout my career from scratch. So every time. All the games, all victories, all battles. Won numerous trophies together. My footballing history is closely connected with this stadium and Inter fans. Fans who have entered the soul, making me neroazurro the heart within. It is difficult to find appropriate words to describe the emotion, pride, the privilege of being part of a club is also unique as our Inter. But I know that you as a fan with inter can understand. I know that you celebrate celebrate as much as I have, as I have fought fight me, I’m as happy as I am also happy. We have written the history of this stadium. Now is the time to write the future. Together. As the interviews that are rethinking. Subscribe to the new season to experience a wonderful season! Wait, Zanetti. “

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