Clement: “Zidane and Ancelotti have things in common”

14614049999486Clement: “Zidane and Ancelotti have things in common”

As Clement, Ancelotti also had a view of what the Frenchman can bring to the scene when the trio in question won the Copa Del Reyna and Champions League in 2013/14.

The Englishman then stepped forward and went to train Country Derby this season before being sacked in February. Now he is in charge of the English national U21 team.

How was your time to Derby Country?

“It was my first adventure as coach after spending 6 years as assistant to Carlo Ancelotti, so the first thing I had to do is to see how it feels to train a team and I have enjoyed more.”

“Unfortunately, it was only for 8 months but I am proud of what I did there as we led the league for months before bestowed point and slip into position 5, the same position where they still are now.”

Will remain coach or will return to work with Carlo Ancelotti?

“A good question, it is a very good friend and I visited it was to grasp last week in Vancouver, where we talked about the things we do together.”

“We can work together again but may have another opportunity here in the UK, just do not know yet, I will take a decision in the coming weeks.”

You understand why Ancelotti was sacked by Real Madrid?

“I can understand it, because ultimately, you have to win.”

“We played 60 games the previous season and started playing very well in pre-season, then we began to emerge in the game where we wanted.”

“Our level was incredible, winning at home and abroad with great results.”

“After the holiday season, it was not so easy, we went to Dubai and lost by Valencia and then sent our little form.”

“Losing two of three games in La Liga can cost you the title and seeing how related are the things I think our problem was our liaison mental, however we fought for the title again.”

Sources within the club suggest that teamwork was not good, the players lacked training and condition ..

“Yes, I heard, but obviously did not agree with it because we have done the work was very professional.”

“In training was hard and it was not easy playing every Wednesday and every Sunday.”

“We had a good balance between working hard and  sessions because we had injuries were not any big deal when compared to what we experienced in other clubs.”

“I liked the comments made by the club.”

You see Real Madrid as Zidane?

“Very good, they are playing in spectacular fashion in an important stage of the season.”

“They have confidence and are playing very well and are in a good condition.”

“The race for the La Liga title is narrow because even if Barcelona is easier schedule of the three teams, Real Madrid and Atletico are playing better and with more confidence.”

And how do you see it as a coach?

“I love and am delighted that he is training for Real Madrid like as a person and how he sees and understands the game of football.”

“He has taken the right steps while working as an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti and then training with Castilla, but he wanted to train Real Madrid and I am happy that given the chance.”

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