Duel of $1.2 billion…

Duel of  $1.2 billion…
Real Madrid and Manchester City are a multibillion duel. Certainly, both teams caught along an approximate value of 1.2 billion, clearly showing the quality of players at their disposal City vs Real madrid But despite that the British have invested heavily in the transfer market, have large differences experience with Spanish giants . While Zidane’s team for the 26th time in the semifinals of the Champions League, their rivals for the first time experience such emotions. One element that can “soften” somehow this element is precisely the head of pankinës madrilenëve. Zinedine Zidane has only a few months who runs the club and is looking to gain as much experience. Despite being played at a high level as a player, he has not yet shown that he can make the difference tactically.

– In precedents between the two clubs, they counted a total of two games, which gave a lot of emotions. In one won 3-2 at Real Madrid, Benzema and Ronaldo overturned when three minutes of the last Englishmen. The next match had ended 1-1 in Manchester.

– This season, the team has scored a total of Pilgrim 18 goals in ten games. A figure that is only two goals more than has realized only Cristiano, who is seeking to improve the record set by him in the competition.

– Cristiano Ronaldo counts seven wins, a draw and three defeats against City, while he played with Manchester United. Portugal has managed to score four times, all in the match that ended with a victory. One of them was the 1-0 triumph in the transfer, in May 2007.

– Very rarely it happened during his career Ronaldo exit from the game with a red card. But it seems that more than ever happened precisely against City. Manchester rivals, while he played in England, CR7 is extracted from the field early in the two meetings of the referee.

– Sergio Aguero failed to win can never against Real Madrid in the five years that wore the shirt of Atletico 2006-2011. 11 matches in total, Argentina equalized three times and lost eight others, finding the net in three meetings.

– Real faced English opponents 32 times, having a balance of 13 wins, nine draws and ten losses. Meanwhile, goals scored it 47-38.

– British media that Manchester City hoping to have similar luck with Chelsea. After many years of investment, Chelsea managed to triumph in the Champions edition where they were left in limbo. This year, “citizens” did not have a claim, because in the end edition will leave Pellegrini and his country will take Guardiola. Chelsea won Di Matteo, who was placed as temporary.


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