Enrique: Barcelona emerging from the crisis with its ideas


Enrique: Barcelona emerging from the crisis with its ideas

Barcelona is experiencing one of the most difficult moments possible. Just a few weeks ago, no one could have imagined that the Catalans would be in total crisis. Negative results of recent matches have to be eliminated from Champions Blaugrana where labeled favorites and questioned the title in Spain, that a few weeks ago seemed almost certain. Barça has the chance to return to the success of the match with Deportivo La Coruna-n and coach Luis Enrique warns his own.

“We have good memories of two recent encounters with Deportivo. Talk about a team that has managed to equalize twice in the Camp Nou. They have the quality to put us in difficulty “.

Catalan bench leader hopes of his team’s reaction.

“We have all experienced situations similar to this, we should be able to spend the difficulties through our football ideas. We are used to playing under pressure, what we need to do is to focus less on opponents to score more. The behavior of my players makes me optimistic. ”

Barcelona crisis seems related to the physical condition of players, while Luis Enrique tells his players to lay track behind negative moment.

“We need to find solutions to what is happening to us, even though there is only one cause. Are in difficulty and out of this situation, we must do what we have done before, so we are facing superior opponents. Our goals have not changed. If we win all matches, at the end will we who celebrate “.

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