Grizman: We made the difference…


Grizman: We made the difference…

Grizman Antuan is not afraid of Bayern Munich in the second leg reception because most difficult meeting under the French striker was one djeshmi home, where the pressure to win was twice as big.

Therefore, in anticipation of the second and decisive duel, next Tuesday promises a war Grizman even stronger by Atletico Madrid, “Bayern was the favorite, but Atletico does not fear anyone.

We showed once again that comes before the character attributes of the group and we have majority. Nor date see teams that have our confidence. We feel good physically, so we are ready for the next battle.

Germany will be psychologically at ease, so I believe we will play better than in our home. At this meeting, we support the fans and the pressure on us was twice as strong, because we wanted to win for our ultras. And thankfully we managed, although this was only the first step. We believe the final and I am optimistic that we will succeed. “

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