“Real Madrid`s defence is like a 10 year old”

a“Real Madrid`s defence is like a 10 year old”

Former Madrid player Steve McManaman has been hooked criticism after Madrid’s loss to Wolfsburg as he commented on BT Sports game. The Briton had initially players later with Zinedine Zidane tactics.

Real Madrid was defended as a 10-year-old McManaman said.

“Marcelo gjysmëfushën passed his arms behind his back (in Wolfsburg’s second goal) and Arnold was two steps ahead of Sergio Ramos.”

“In terms defenziv, turn right (Danilo) and turn left (Marcelo) were ubiquitous, assisted by Pepe and Ramos, who seemed to have never played each other before. It was shocking to see in what way “.

McManaman was also quick to determine that it is not just the team that is to blame, going further to criticize the coach for a poor performance.

“The whole team must also seriously criticized and coach,” McManaman continued.

“You can not have a super Zidane in Sunday newspaper (after defeating Barcelona) and then not say anything today.” (After performance against Wolfsburg)

“Gareth Bale should be given penalty in the 14th minute but this is not a justification for 90 minutes of play. They played a very poor match. “

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