Seedorf: “I’m a big fan of Real Madrid”

1279659Seedorf: “I’m a big fan of Real Madrid”

Former player Madrid from 1996 to 1999, Clarence Seedorf gave an interview about his first club where shfaçur his desire great to stay longer in Madrid club and said he still feels like a big fan of Real Madrid.

“It was a good feeling for me to play in Real Madrid. Today, I’m still a big fan of Real Madrid. ”

“Any player who signed for Real Madrid, wants to stay there for a long time, but in life you must accept the changes.”

“I had the desire to stay too long in Madrid club.”

“Many have managed to coach Real Madrid and few have had the chance to return again. Fabio Capello is the man who has had the chance to return and manage MADRILENA for the second time. ”

“Ancelotti returns to Madrid? I’m not a forecast and it is very difficult to predict something like this. ”

“Zidane took the team in difficult moments, but the positive things he has done so far. Psychological change is one of the changes he has helped the team. ”

“Zizou has all the capabilities to become a great coach, but now to be the best, take time to implement his ideas and philosophy.”

“I wish much success in his career.”

“I like beautiful football and I think that Real Madrid have players who play good football, be competitive and win titles.”

“I like good games where players play with heart and character shfaçin.”

“At this time, Real Madrid bench is good change from the last coach.”

“Now I’m looking for a project that will help me build my career as a coach.”

“To manage Real Madrid? I do not believe that any coach who does not want to manage this club. But for me it is a fantasy and nothing more. ”

“The most unique stadium in the world that I play is Santiago Bernabeu.

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