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20160502181910592646A brief history of UEFA, where Kosovo is expected to be a member of tomorrow

Kosovo intends to be the member of the 55th Federation of European Football – UEFA. Tuesday in Budapest, Hungary meets UEFA Congress, which is expected to be decided on Kosovo’s application for membership.

UEFA membership will enable Kosovo to uphold international competitions, participation in events and championships organized by this federation. Also, clubs would benefit Kosovo, becoming part of the European races.

Another benefit that can be had from admission to UEFA Kosovo is opening the door to apply for membership in the International Federation of Football – FIFA.

Below, we present a brief history of the UEFA statutes and article which talks about membership in the federation.

What is UEFA?

European Football Federation is a leading body of football in Europe and home to 54 national football associations. In accordance with the statutes of UEFA, the organization aims, inter alia, to deal with all matters related to European football, to promote football in the spirit of unity, solidarity, peace and understanding and fair play without discrimination political, racial, religious, gender or anything else. The Federation also has its own objective to protect the values ​​of European football, to maintain relations with all stakeholders involved in European football and protect and support the member associations for welfare of the European game. UEFA is neutral politically and religiously.

UEFA organizes a number of championships, including the Champions League, European League, Super Cup and European Championships.

How was found UEFA?

UEFA created in 1954 in Basel, Switzerland, after consulting the associations of Italy, Belgium and France. Originally numbered 25 member countries and the number doubled in the early 90s of XX century. Some countries of the continent of Asia were also received from the Federation of European football, especially Israel and Kazakhstan, which used to be a member of the Association of Asian football.

Place the 54 UEFA member in 2013 he became Gibraltar, at the Congress of the Federation held in London (after years of opposition from the UK).

Since 1995 the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland. The official languages ​​of UEFA is English, French and German, and during the congress also used the Russian language as official language

UEFA membership – rules of procedure

In accordance with the statutes of the Federation of European Football (UEFA) in paragraph 5 and 6, UEFA is open to national associations of football on the continent of Europe, located in a country recognized by the United Nations as an independent state and who are responsible for the organization and implementation of football-related issues in their national territory.

But as UEFA said that “in exceptional circumstances an association of nations that is located on another continent may be admitted as a member, proving that is not a member of the Confederation of that continent or of any confederation other and if FIFA approves its membership of UEFA.

To become a member of UEFA, national football association should submit a written application for membership and UEFA’s Congress has the power of decision to accept or reject the application for membership.

The Statute of the UEFA Executive Committee says membership can accept a national football association only on a temporary basis and the decision of the full membership in the next Congress deals

Voting in the UEFA Congress is open and done by raising hands or voting card. * Information is taken from the official website of UEFA

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